Seven Steps to Better Photos of Your Projects — Shawna

You put lots of hard work into your knitting projects (or crochet, hey I don’t discriminate!) and it’s time your pictures do them justice. Maybe you just take a few for your files before gifting away that sweater, maybe it’s to brag on Ravelry (that satisfaction of announcing a finished object!), or maybe you’re selling on Etsy. No matter what the case, better photos will attract more compliments and we can all live with that!

So, here are seven steps to improve photos of your projects:

1. Find some indirect sunlight.
Set up near a window, but move yourself out of the bright light where there are harsh shadows. Tilting blinds upwards can dramatically improve your light.

Harsh lighting:

knitting shots

Blinds turned up:

knitting shots

2. Remove background distractions.
Put a blank wall behind you, or set up on a blanket or floorboards and stand on a chair to shoot from directly above. Also, keep away from brightly colored backgrounds that create odd color casts.

3. Double check your white balance.
Check your LCD screen to see if the color matches. Usually Auto (AWB) works great, but if you are near a light bulb, you might want to try Tungsten (the light bulb setting).

4. Turn on the Flower mode.
Most cameras have a flower button so you can focus up close, and this is the best time to use it!

5. Don’t center it!
The center is boring, honestly. Add a bit of pizazz and move your work to the side of the frame.

knitting shots

6. Shoot the details.

Focus on what makes your work awesome. The cables? The color variations? The stitches? Take shots of just those details.

7. Model it!
Put it on yourself, put it on your kid, go stalk the neighbor and make them put it on. And if all else fails, just put a prop in the photo to spice things up – a tree, a ball of yarn, a necklace, who cares!

knitting shots

Be proud of your work right to the end – including your photos. And if you are selling your finished projects, you’ll find better photos will improve your business. Do you have a favorite project photo? Leave your links in the comments below!

The above photos were taken in a matter of minutes with my little point and shoot – it’s a fingerless mitten project I’m still working on and I look forward to sharing the finished photos!

If you need some ideas, check out awesome blogs like Brooklyn Tweed for inspiring knitting photos.

If you need help with your photography skills, come check out my DSLR and Point and Shoot classes over at Sweet River Photography!

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5 Responses to Seven Steps to Better Photos of Your Projects — Shawna

  1. Jen says:

    Great post Shawna! And I highly recommend your classes. I’m definitely taking better pictures thanks to them 🙂

  2. THANK YOU! I have tons of product photo’s to take and this will help so much! Now, how about an editing tutorial?

  3. This is a great mini tutorial on taking photos of your work. I’m definitely going to share it!

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  5. Veda Taylor says:

    Awesome tips. Now, I can’t knit to save my life, but I plan to use some of these tips for other projects. Thank you!!

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